Maui GyPSy Guide Driving Tour App Reviews

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Made the ride easy

The content was very interesting and it is very convenient to listen. I can recommend to buy it as a very inexpensive guide.

Great addition to our trip

We rented a car and drove around to many parts of the island. Having this Gypsy app loaded and installed on my phone greatly added to the enjoyment of our day trips. I turned all data off on my phone (so as to not incur excessive roaming charges), and plugged the phone into the car sterio. The GPS on the phone would track direction on its built-in map. When you hit way-points, interesting dialog (including directions) would play.

Maui tour

This app made our vacation in Maui that much better, if thats even possible considering how beautiful the place is to begin with. Without the guidance and history the guide provided throughout the Road to Hana and the trip to Haleakala, there is no way my g/f and I would have enjoyed it as much. Not to mention, we would have had no idea where to stop during the Road to Hana without the advice of our guide. I would have paid double for this app.

Great Info

I bought this app a couple years ago and really enjoyed it. Going back again and looking forward to discovering more. What would make it amazing is if they update it.

Got a lot more out of our travels

There are many things we never would have seen had it not been for GyPSy. The commentary can be a bit folksy, but the information is excellent and sounds sincere as if you are getting advice from a local. Nice that it points out things to miss when there is a pack of cars, nowhere to stop and nothing to see. Would be nice if there was a way to scan through a transcript of what was said in case you want to go back to what was said later. Also would be nice if it pointed out stuff very briefly on the return trip in case you skipped it on the way out, like the trip to Hana.

Amazing App

We downloaded the app for the Road to Hana initially but loved it so much we downloaded the Full Maui app. I cant say enough good things about this app. Its educational, the guide points out "must sees", best parking areas and great places to eat. Well worth the money if youre going to be spending time touring around Maui! Great job with the app!

Best Maui guide ever

I looked online to plan my trip, searched where to go and what to see and I even asked the hotel tour vendor but nothing came close to all the information and direction. I also found the stories and history lesson very interesting. I would recommend it to anyone. I will also get the one for the Oahu.

Handy tool for visitors

Practical knowledge visitors need to know, great Polynesian history, convenient.

Best Purchase for a tour

I couldnt believe how helpful and informative this was for touring Maui. We would have missed many hidden treasures. I would highly recommend for any area its covers!

All you need to tour Maui

This app knows where you are and takes you to exactly where you want to go. On the way the narrator, who we named "Seth", because he is hilarious and has such entertaining delivery, describes the landmarks we need to see, recommends where to get food, and tells stories of ancient Maui. Its better that going on a tour! Best $10, we ever spent!

Learn the Culture

This app helped us connect and learn the island better than a paid local tour. We were able to hear the history of the island at our own pace and was given tips of where to stop and explore. Highly recommend this app to anyone vacationing in Maui

Full Maui Tour

Toured entire Maui with this app. Awesome. Highly recommend if you visit Maui.

Must needed Maui App

This app is a must for travelers on the island. It has a lot of local stories & island history. It will bring you on all the tours where you can visit at your pace without being rushed by a tour bus. I would recommend bringing an audio cable so you can connect your phone to the cars speakers! You will not be disappointed!

Personal Tour Guide

What a fantastic app. Worth every penny. Drove for several hours with WiFi deprived kids and even they were impressed and liked it when the guide came back on. The call out on the locations were spot on and the background provided all the extra that you want without getting car sick from reading a book. A must have for the island travels.

Well worth it!!

We just completed the tour to Hana using Gypsy and thoroughly enjoyed learning the history of Hawaii along the way. I feel without the app, we would have stopped at every single spot, not knowing what to expect and possibly wasting time, therefore, we may never have finished the ride before dark. Being our first trip to Hana, it guided us to the highlights and was extremely detailed and easy to use. Well worth the $10, and just like having a personal tour guide!!

Made our vacation even more special

My husband and I purchased this app upon a recommendation by our hotel concierge and Im so glad we did! It was wonderful to have a inside look at the island with a historical spin. Loved every minute of it. Highly recommend!

The best app for Maui driving

This app is amazing! Wonderful history and narration. Made the road to Hana even more wonderful. I would recommend getting the full Maui app

Bad app

Bought the app and tried to get the commentary and it didnt work. On the road to Hana nothing worked except "that concludes your tour" in the middle of the trip. Called the phone number for tech support. No one answered the phone and no one called me back. I left a message asking for a refund and my request was ignored. Im calling my credit card company and putting the charge in dispute.

Best $10.00 Ive ever spent

This app is amazing! We would listen to it every time we got in the car, either to just drive around or to go on a certain tour. Our road to Hana day trip would have been so plain without it. We loved all the stories and detailed information along the way. The kids (ages 17, 15, and 8) kept shushing us so they could listen to the history of Hawaii lesson on our way back. I highly recommend this app, you wont regret it!

Oh wow!

Wish I found this earlier! This was so awesome, our own tour guide! He gave us suggestions and told us where to turn, gave us history of what we were seeing and some Hawaiian mythology pretty cool! We could turn him off and on when we wanted to, so when we go back to the lower 49, we could preview some of the tour and I was showing my friends at work! We called him Bob, he needed a name and he was just like a friend to my daughter and I during our Maui trip. I have been eyeballing the rest of his tours and will not hesitate to buy other locations as they come available. I am thinking of heading to Canada and see what Bob has for me there. So worth the 9.99! You will not regret this buy but make sure you have car charger! It can drain your phone.

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